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      On the present situation and outlet of foreign trade in grinding wheel industry

      AUTHOR:odkcheaw CLICK:1053次

        I majored in Business English and international trade. After graduation, I have been engaged in foreign trade business. Compared with many people engaged in jobs that have nothing to do with my major, I am lucky. Communicating with people of all colors from all over the world and understanding their humanistic and religious beliefs can broaden my horizons and horizons. Every strong persuasion point, every time I get the approval of customers, every order can make me feel happy and happy.

        1. Foreign trade status of grinding wheel

        2015 is the sixth year that I entered the grinding wheel industry. At the beginning, I entered the grinding wheel industry by chance. After understanding the industry, I knew the depth of the industry. I gradually became familiar with the industry and fell in love with it. A friend joked with me that "you are a grinding wheel, you can't eat it, and you can't use it in your daily life. What can you do? Join me in the LED industry." I told him that "every other line is like a mountain. If you don't know my line, it's like I don't know your line.". What can you do with your led? If someone buys an LED lamp, it will last for several years. When I run out of grinding wheel, I have to buy it again immediately. The potential of my business is far stronger than that of yours. " Grinding wheel is an industrial consumable, which is widely used in electronics, automobile manufacturing, construction, medical treatment, aerospace, machining and other industries. It is figuratively compared to "industrial teeth".

        I remember when I was a child, my father was driving a tractor and often dealt with mechanical tools. I often saw my father saw steel bars and various metal objects with a hand saw. It took less than 10 minutes to cut a steel bar. When I saw half of it, I had to stop and shake my hand to have a rest. At that time, I thought the hand saw was really powerful, and it could cut the steel bar. Now it is estimated that no one will use a hand saw to saw steel bars, otherwise they will be too poor to eat. Now a steel bar can be cut in about 10 seconds, which was unthinkable to most people 20 years ago. Now, however, time is seconds. One factory announced that its ultra-thin sheet can cut stainless steel with a diameter of 12mm in 10 seconds. Soon another factory will announce that its products can be cut in 8 seconds, and even other factories will announce that they can do it in a shorter time. Perhaps this can show that the product performance is more superior, the technology is more and more mature, but also can show that the market demand for efficiency is higher and higher now!

        In recent years, with the in-depth research of high-end technical personnel and the application of new materials, the product quality of domestic grinding wheel factories has generally improved, and the chips and grinding discs are sharper and more durable. The market began to show the situation of oversupply, so the price competition has become increasingly fierce, and the price and profit space has shown a downward trend. However, the market's quality requirements have never been reduced. Many grinding wheel manufacturers have also launched a variety of promotional programs to stabilize customers or win more markets. For foreign buyers, on the premise of ensuring quality, most buyers will choose suppliers with more competitive prices, especially OEM customers. Because if we don't consider changing suppliers, the market may be robbed by his competitors. I have a customer from Southeast Asia. Two years ago, every two months, he purchased a 20 foot container of 4-inch ultra-thin film. The price of a single piece is about 1.8 RMB, and the value of a container is more than 1.4 million RMB. Orders for ultra-thin films in a cabinet are also common, but it is rare to build on this price. Now this customer is no longer purchasing 1.8 RMB products, because his market can no longer accept such high price Chinese products. At present, his purchase price is only about 50% of the previous one, and the product quality is basically the same as the previous 1.8 RMB product. This is the result of the development of foreign trade in grinding wheel industry in recent two years.

        At present, China's abrasive industry standards and management requirements are more and more strict, the development of the market is more and more rational. It is no longer the case in the past that we can win the ideal market only by advertising and image projects. Now it mainly depends on the quality of the product itself, the company's business model and management, because consumers and the market are more and more rational. The market of factories with high cost performance, good business model and perfect management is developing faster and faster, and the brand market engaged in image project speculation is shrinking. "Survival of the fittest" is not only the law of nature, but also the law of market development. A few years ago, a little-known grinding wheel factory, now no one in the industry knows, no one knows, he can confidently shout out the slogan "to be a Chinese grinding wheel brand", most grinding wheel factories also have to accept, because in recent years, they have been focusing on quality, innovation and management, and their achievements are obvious to all; Some grinding wheel factories have expanded their internal contradictions and missed a good stage of development, which inevitably makes people feel sorry!

        2. The way out of grinding wheel foreign trade

        With the slogan of one belt, one road, more and more in-depth, the major manufacturers of grinding wheels, which are mainly domestic, have also wanted to get a share of the export business, while easing the weakness of the domestic market. On the other hand, they hope to expand their overseas market business with the help of the national policy, so as to enhance their own performance platform and comprehensive competitiveness. The major manufacturers are also working hard to win the market opportunity, hoping to occupy a place after the market reshuffle.

        Although there are a large number of domestic grinding wheel manufacturers, our grinding wheel foreign trade market is still in a more profitable era compared with the huge global competitive market. Based on the uneven level of foreign trade of various grinding wheel enterprises, enterprises are always struggling for the foreign trade market. Under this background, this paper briefly discusses the way out of grinding wheel foreign trade, which has been for reference.

        How to do well in grinding wheel foreign trade should be paid attention to in the following aspects

        (1) Key words: Technology Innovation

        As mentioned above, the quality of domestic grinding wheel factories has generally improved, so at present, in the same price of the same size products, the quality performance of each manufacturer is not very different. If foreign customers only consider the product itself, it can be said that they can choose the product of any factory. Is there a big difference between the service time of 8 seconds and 10 seconds for cutting a steel bar? Can the difference of 2 seconds really play a decisive role? I think otherwise, the time of 2 seconds can be easily balanced in the relevant process. What is more important is the technological innovation or the application of new materials behind the 2 seconds difference, which can make the performance of the product superior.

        "Technology changes life", this classic slogan is confirming our current development and changes. The number of people using mobile phones to access the Internet is beginning to exceed the number of people using PC. people are getting used to using mobile phones to pay for money, and the number and transaction amount are also on the rise year by year. Technology has changed all aspects of our lives, and far more than that, I will not list them one by one. For our grinding wheel industry, the main raw material composition is aluminum oxide Although we haven't found any new materials with similar performance, reasonable cost and wide sources as substitutes for brown corundum, some factories in the industry have begun to add new auxiliary materials to improve the usability of grinding wheel products. Practice has proved that the performance of products with new materials is better than that of products with conventional methods It's safer, more durable and sharper. I think in the near future, even if the R & D personnel can not find the ideal main raw material to replace alumina, they will certainly find better new auxiliary materials, which will make the safety performance and use performance of grinding wheel products more superior. As a result, the grinding wheel market will change greatly with the application of new auxiliary materials.

        (2) Key words: Management

        For our current grinding wheel industry, foreign buyers may know our competitors better than us. Because they can easily get the information of other grinding wheel factories. As we all know, it is impossible for China to have new grinding wheel factories. After all, grinding wheel blades are products that consume resources. Therefore, the Chinese government strictly regulates the production license of new grinding wheel factories. In this way, foreign buyers will choose the existing grinding wheel factories. Every time they attend the exhibition, they will encounter these grinding wheel factories. But why do foreign customers still choose grinding wheel suppliers every time?

        Because with the change of time, the development status of each grinding wheel factory will change. A small grinding wheel factory may develop into one of the leading grinding wheel enterprises in China through several years' efforts; a large factory may also undergo major changes in scale and brand influence through several years' development. What foreign customers want to know when they come to China is the management status of each factory, including production management and market management. Even if the scale of a factory with superior management is small, and even if the product performance is a little worse than that of other large factories, foreign customers will be more confident to place orders in such a factory. Even if the scale of a large factory with disorderly management is large, foreign customers will worry about whether they want to give orders to such a factory for production. Only factories with superior management can produce products with stable quality and provide better services.

        (3) Key words: HR

        Zhao Wei's slogan "nothing can't be done, only those who can't be done" in the popular TV series tiger mom and cat dad some time ago is sonorous and powerful. Ge You's golden sentence of "what's expensive in the 21st century? Talents!" in "no thieves in the world" is still in your ears... It shows the importance of talents to varying degrees, because no matter how good the system and policy is, people have to implement it. Only when talents give full play to their subjective initiative can they create more profits for enterprises and provide solid talent barriers for enterprises to attack bigger mountains and rivers.

        In the current Chinese market, there is no shortage of people, but many enterprises are still shouting that "it is difficult to recruit and seek talents". This kind of statistical data of surplus human resources seems to be very contradictory to the actual voice of the enterprise, but in fact it reflects the weakness of the enterprise's employment mechanism. In the end, what kind of talents to recruit is sometimes a headache for our grinding wheel enterprises.

        If it is aimed at mature foreign trade departments, it is feasible to recruit experienced talents, but the supporting wage cost will rise. If the wage cost does not go up, the mobility of talents will increase. Most of the enterprises that rely on management and mechanism to run the foreign trade department will choose new people or semi monks, equipped with adequate training and perfect assessment mechanism, so as to achieve a win-win situation of cost control and personnel training. For the foreign trade department in the period of development and development, enterprises will prefer experienced foreign trade experts when recruiting. On the one hand, it can solve the problem of blank in foreign trade department; on the other hand, the experience of familiar hands will bring extra surprise to business owners.

        (4) Key words: professional exhibitions

        Now there are many exhibitions in all walks of life. Some friends complain that the exhibition is a bit rampant. Just after attending a hardware exhibition, they will receive a phone call asking if they want to sign up for another exhibition. Before we see the effect of the exhibition, we have to take part in another exhibition without stop. It feels like we are making contributions to the exhibition industry. In fact, it's not! Nowadays, most foreign buyers prefer to cooperate with manufacturers rather than trade companies. Because the international market is relatively open now, and the exchange is more convenient, you can fly over to attend the exhibition with a visa and a ticket, or visit the factory on the spot.

        For our grinding wheel industry, the main source of customers is to participate in the exhibition, the network platform and e-marketing channel is only a supplementary way. Therefore, in order to do a good job in grinding wheel foreign trade, participation in the exhibition has become the main way to obtain customer resources. Needless to say, there are only a few domestic exhibitions that have a good effect on our grinding wheel industry, such as Canton Fair, Shanghai exhibition, Yongkang exhibition, etc. there are also many foreign professional hardware tool exhibitions that are more effective for our grinding wheel industry in China. Of course, it's not blind to participate, because almost every month, even several times a month, if you participate, no matter which grinding wheel factory can't afford it. After all, the cost of participating in foreign exhibitions is not low. So we must choose two or three exhibitions that have good effect on the enterprise itself to participate in. Of course, it depends on the financial strength of each manufacturer. Those with strong strength can participate in several more exhibitions, and the effect will be better.

        Exhibition for manufacturers is a facade, is an important window and communication bridge for the target customers. To a large extent, foreign buyers will perceive the strength of each factory through the way of exhibition, and then make clear which manufacturer's products they are more interested in.

        (5) Key words: lead time

        I have a customer from South Asia. The purchasing manager of that company and I are old friends who have known each other for many years. Every time China's Shanghai exhibition, Canton fair or other large-scale hardware exhibitions are held, he will come and sit down with me for a while. Although we have not started the cooperation of order, we can discuss the grinding wheel products and market with each other very frankly, which has lasted for several years. Last year, he finally started to work with me on orders.

        On average, their company purchases more than 20 cabinets of grinding wheel from China every year. Now he has three grinding wheel factories in China supplying them at the same time. We are one of them. Before placing an order from me, the customer also had three grinding wheel suppliers, and they have been cooperating with each other for several years. Last year, the customer told me that one of the grinding wheel factories frequently delayed delivery. Sometimes the agreed delivery time arrived and then delayed. The customer really couldn't stand it. Finally, the customer company decided to stop the cooperation with that company. That's why customers start to place orders from us. Even if our price is a little higher than that company, customers still choose us. Secondly, the customer visited our factory several times and was very satisfied with our factory management, so I believe we can not have similar problems in the delivery date. It can be seen that the timely and accurate delivery of products is sometimes more important than the price factor. However, this is the awareness that many of our grinding wheel enterprises lack. Looking for any reason to delay delivery, the customer is unacceptable. This also reflects the lack of service awareness and supply chain concept of some of our peers to a certain extent.

        The above is my personal view on the current situation of foreign trade of grinding wheel industry and my humble opinion on the way out of foreign trade of grinding wheel industry. “Rome was not built in a day ”Under the national policy, grinding wheel enterprises must base on their own development status, do a good long-term development planning, improve product line, improve product quality, strengthen personnel training and cultural system construction, build a nest to attract Phoenix, and make concerted efforts in all aspects, so as to enlarge and strengthen the foreign trade market of grinding wheel enterprises, so as to make China's grinding wheel have a stronger market share in the international market Competitiveness, and higher market position, and change the international market view of "made in China" grinding wheel! This is the goal that every domestic grinding wheel enterprise should strive for! (author: Chen Xinping)

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